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  • Sustainable Women Series: Green Innovation in Electrical Design & Perfecting Pizza Delivery

    Care Technology provides technological solutions to the needs of customers through innovations like energy-efficient LED lighting and transportable heat sources that operate without power racks or induction heaters. We spoke to co-founder Belinda Wong about the production of their sustainable offerings and the benefits of green technology. Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Sustainable Women Series: How to Build a 75 Percent Net Zero Community

    What does it take to build a 75 percent net zero community and the “largest Emerald-rated community” in the world? Tabitha Crawford explains how her team combined solar, HVAC, and sustainable building practices to build 250 net zero homes while keeping construction costs at a 3 percent premium. Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Inspiring Young Women To Pursue Careers in Energy

    At last night’s PennWell Awards Ceremony, Kim Greene, a 24-year veteran of the power industry, was named the POWER-GEN 2015 Woman of the Year. Greene began her career as an engineer with Southern Company in 1991 and ascended to leadership roles at Mirant and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), before returning to Southern Company Services in…

  • Off Grid Electric Raises $25M to Help Power a ‘Solar Revolution’ in Africa

    DBL Partners, the same venture capital fund that supported SolarCity for many years, has led the largest venture capital funding for distributed energy in Africa. Off Grid Electric announced today that it raised $25 million in a Series C investment. Off Grid Electric, based in California and Tanzania, is installing solar in over 10,000 homes…

  • DOE Releases Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Hawaii

    DOE released a final programmatic environmental impact statement for Hawaii to provide federal, state and county governments as well as the public and developers with a reference document for project-specific environmental reviews. Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Record-Breaking Conference Reveals Excitement Surrounding Hydropower

    HydroVision International is the world’s largest hydropower industry event. 2015 attendance shattered all the conference’s records with nearly 3,800 registered attendees from 60 countries. Source: Energy Efficiency

  • ORPC Ireland receives funding for marine hydrokinetic feasibility study

    The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is funding the Ireland division of U.S.-based Ocean Renewable Power Co. (ORPC) to identify feasible tidal energy sites in the coastal waters of County Donegal.  Source: Energy Efficiency

  • Don’t Like Obama’s Clean Power Plan? Fine, Here’s Cap and Trade

    Republican governors who boycott the Obama administration’s new power-plant regulations may instead get an offer they can’t refuse: a cap-and-trade system many of them also oppose. Five years after Republicans in Congress shot down President Barack Obama’s plan for carbon trading, his administration unveiled rules to combat climate change. They include a provision for carbon…

  • Renewable Energy Gains Greater Opportunity in US Clean Power Plan

    After a year of being pummeled by opponents, Obama’s final carbon reduction plan emerged this week with an even stronger push for renewable energy. Wind and solar energy are centerpieces of the Clean Power Plan, the United States’ first ever rule to reduce carbon dioxide from power plants. The rule not only makes renewables one…

  • US Clean Power Plan Could Include Carbon Trading

    Some businesses that back President Barack Obama’s plan to curb greenhouse gases are making a late lobbying push to add an element similar to a cap-and-trade program. With the administration set this week or next to unveil its final rules to cut emissions from coal and natural gas plants, groups for companies such as Johnson…